Investment Banking Advisory Services (M&A, JV, IPO)

DS&C provides investment banking advisory services for the purchase and sale of assets, companies and shares, providing assistance at all stages of the transaction.

In performing these activities the Firm offers support to its clients through its team’s industrial and financial relations, and in setting up JVs in Italy and abroad.

DS&C also acts as advisor in the listing of small to medium-sized companies on the Milano stock exchange.

Extraordinary Finance Transactions.

DS&C is a high quality advisor that can serve its clients by providing the following:

  • Solid experience and professional skills in negotiations and creation of supporting documents;
  • Absolute confidentiality and ethics in all transaction related activities;
  • Consolidated relationships with industries and financial institutions in Italy and abroad.

Corporate restructuring

DS&C provides advisory services in crisis situations in medium to large corporations. The Firm can support clients in capital raising and refinancing activities for special and distressed situations and re-launching industrial activities. These activities include turnaround management and debt restructuring for industrial activities.

DS&C services include:

  • Identification of private equity funding to help companies in crisis situations.
  • Preparation of strategic plans for re-launching the company.
  • Definition of debt restructuring plans.
  • Structuring of proposals for court or out-of-court settlements.

Obtaining financial resources to cover debts

DS&C acts as an advisor in the identification and structuring of opportunities to obtain financing in the form of loans or quasi-equity for medium to large corporations and in negotiation with financial counterparts, both Italian and international. This includes project financing activities in the energy sector (including renewable) and securitisation operations.

Debt restructuring.

DS&C helps clients define suitable financing strategies, including:

  • Project Financing.
  • Lines of credit.
  • Lines of credit by signature.
  • Factoring.
  • Performance bonds.
  • Umbrella loans.
  • Loans for advances on contracts.
  • Leasing and sale and lease back operations.
  • Mezzanine loans.
  • Acquisition financing.
  • Securitisation.

Real estate funding

DS&C acts as an advisor in assessing real estate projects and obtaining the capital required to implement them. We help our clients manage the processes of purchase and sale of real estate portfolios and identification of the best management opportunities, also by setting up closed-end funds.

Real estate transactions

Within RE Financing, DS&C helps clients in sourcing appropriate financial resources for realisation and/or purchase and/or enhancement of real estate portfolios, including establishment of real estate funds.

DS&C works by::

  • Sourcing real estate backed loans.
  • Seeking potential buyers for real estate portfolios.
  • Establishing and structuring real estate funds.

Valuation and appraisals

DS&C also acts as an independent assessor producing valuation of companies and real estate portfolios.

Transaction support services

Our focus is customer service, which is why our product is not standardised but tailored to our customers’ specific requirements, to ensure that they make the most out of each individual transaction.

We can offer assistance throughout the entire process of: Purchase – Management - Sale.

Buy-side Advisory Services

  • Two diligence services:
    • Accounting and finance.
    • Data room review.
  • Assistance in defining accounting aspects of the letter of intent, the contract and the structure of the transaction (representation & warranties, accounting standards, price adjustment clauses, earn out, etc.).
  • Review of budget, business plan and financial models.
  • Business due diligence and industry benchmarks :
    • Market survey and study of drivers of demand.
    • Review of critical success factors and strategic positioning.
    • Analysis of supply side and sector competitive dynamics.
  • Integrated services supplied by specialised teams:
    • Assistance in the data room.
    • Due diligence.
    • Optimisation of of transaction structuring.
    • Analysis of the possible implications of cross-border transactions .


  • Review of budget, business plan and financial models.
  • Fact checking to support the buyer .
  • Fact checking for price adjustments and earn out .
  • Checks for joint appointment (arbitration procedure).
  • Optimisation of financial structure.
  • Optimisation of financial structure.
  • Post-acquisition support:
    • Operational review and restructuring plans.
    • Rationalisation of processes and procedures.
    • Intervention on information systems.
    • Definition and implementation of reporting systems.
    • Definition and implementation of risk management systems.
  • Fiscal:
    • Debt allocation from special purpose vehicle to operational company (“Push down”).
    • Optimisation of fiscal impact on restructuring / M&A.
    • International planning of flows of dividends/interest/royalties
    • Verification of fiscal guarantees.

Sell-side Advisory Services.

  • Vendor due diligence.
  • Carve-Outs and Disposal Assistance
  • IPO services:
    • Support in preparation of prospectus.
    • Review of the preparation process of financial data, budget and Corporate Governance model.
  • Fiscal:
    • Support in preparation of prospectus.
    • Optimal organisation of the transaction.
    • Analysis of the possible implications of cross-border transactions.

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